Tuesday, March 13, 2012

6. Knights of the Interior Castle

Dedicated to the great Carmelite saint, St. Teresa of Avila, one of whose master works is “The Interior Castle”, a description of the inner journey to union with God.

On the album, I wrote “They appear mysteriously in the upper keep of the interior castle, fan the songs of the blessed into flame, wheel around like chariots of fire, and disappear back into the night.”

Clearly there is a “Bolero”-like arc to the piece, except I didn’t want this to end with a big orgasmic explosion, but rather to let the melodic elements play out and evolve, the “songs of the blessed” to be heard as a background chorus, the steeds to open up their gait and burn brightly through an expanding interior space, and then have the knights just vanish as mysteriously as they had appeared. 

A lot of Moorish overtones on this one, naturally.  It is a nice “framework” for improvisation, and I have performed it several times as a duo improv with the talented Mari Aranoff on flute.

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