Thursday, March 22, 2012

Warning: What music is meant to do....

I just watched a documentary about Glenn Gould, one of my favorite people, "Genius Within:  the Inner Life of Glenn Gould".  
This put me in touch with my earliest encounters with the music of Bach, and its lifelong effects on me. 
Then, synchronicity being, well, synchronous, this morning I ran across this short poem that I improvised seven years ago (the internet community The Well has a "topic" for writers called "More 2-minute Poetry"), and thought it appropriate to share here:

like it was yesterday
the memory of Bach first ravishing me
so many years ago
flayed wide open
brain unfurled and nailed thin
to black velvet night with star points,
a living specimen,
left hanging as a warning
to any who would heed
the whisperings of the heart

            --   8.17.05


  1. Hard to read the small type (had to expand it in browser)but an excellent poem, is it yours? lovely.

    BTW have you thought of linking your blog to your FB Rich Osborn Guitar page? I think there's a way to do that . . .
    So sad re Mission City Roasting - was that sudden? Any new venue possibilities?

  2. I tried to address both things, first by enlarging the type, and second by including a little more on the poem's composition.
    Thanks for the tip: will look into the FB connection